Game Machine Room Layouts

Planning and design of the game room including game selection & placement, traffic flow, redemption counter setup and indoor signage

Entertainment Center Setup

From the truck to the game room floor, we handle delivery, assembly and setup

Game Machine Procurement

Through direct purchase or revenue share placement, we will get the games and equipment that your consumers will enjoy

Game Service Technical Support

Developing in-house expertise or fixing it for you, we will make sure your games keep entertaining

Weekly Reporting and Controls

The information you need, we have; distribution of weekly reports about your operations and insight on how to continue improvements based upon our 30 years of experience

Merchandise Purchasing

Bigger is better; higher-value prizes at lower costs through our purchasing power

Merchandise Inventory Control

Proprietary software and online tools allow for near real-time inventory management

Human Resources

Focus on your business, not your game room staff; we can handle acquisition and training of technicians and staff

PC Hardware/Software/Operating Systems Support

For our systems and your machines, we can help you keep them running

Parts Purchasing and Issue Resolution

If it breaks, we can help you identify the problem and resolve it with the right parts and right solutions

Play Card System Installation, Training, Support and Repair

Support and repair all play card hardware and software; parts are stocked for rapid repair

We put the fun in the

family fun center

ACS Corporation has been bringing family-friendly fun to entertainment centers, retail establishments and restaurants for over 30 years. We have industry-proven processes, systems and supply chains which have improved the profitability of existing operations throughout the country.

Whether seeking games, machine maintenance, operational support, prizes, center design or reconfiguration support, ACS Corp is your partner of choice. Our knowledge, capabilities, services and supplies will increase both the fun and the profit in your family fun center.

Merchandise Program - A full service approach

Low cost, high value prizes and diversity of stock are a major component of any successful entertainment operation. Providing for all our clients needs, from penny candy to highly sought after electronic items, ACS Corp provides prizes consumers want at a price that operators can afford. We are able to keep prices low because of our purchasing power. Do not think it is through supplying cheap, sub-par, "generic" toys. Most of our toys and prizes are the hottest and most sought after branded items found in a typical toy store.

Does your game room have limited storage or somewhat lower consumption of some prizes? ACS Corp is happy to provide merchandise in broken-case quantities at or near full-case per-item prices, FAST.

We like to think of it as near-real-time sourcing.

In addition, items in our catalog bar coded which allows simplifies tracking. ACS can also provide a comprehensive redemption management system which makes inventory management and reporting a breeze.

Interested in seeing some of the great toys you could be offering? Check out our online catalog and ordering site,

Game Machine Service and Support

A broken machine doesn't make money. Through our custom Work Order System, Service TracĀ®, ACS Corp helps entertainment center operators keep game machines running.

It isn't just an e-commerce site...

While Service TracĀ® does allow for purchasing of parts and materials, it also allows owners and operators to track issues and repairs on a per-machine basis. This assists in indentifying reoccurring problems and helps entertainment centers minimize service calls, maximize operational time and makes the "Out of Order" sign a thing of the past. This, coupled with our customer support which assists in issue resolution, makes ACS Corp the one stop shop that can help keep the machines running and the consumers happy.

Redemption Merchandise Inventory Management and Control

Do you want to run a tight ship? Then your entertainment center needs ACS Corp's Ticket Xchange redemption and inventory management software. Ticket Xchange monitors prize consumption and manages inventory. It is the perpetual inventory system that will better control prize consumption and minimize theft.

Prize consumption and restocking is monitored and managed through a proprietary algorithm using time weighted averages of past consumption at the store level. At the end of each week, existing inventories and orders are sent automatically to ACS Corp ensuring that the prizes that consumers want are always available.

Because every piece of merchandise is tracked and scanned prior to selling, theft and "gifting" of merchandise by attendants is massively reduced and, through our the purchasing power of all our clients, the overall cost of your inventory is reduced.

Higher value, lower cost prizes and a massive reduction in theft...
What more could you ask for?
More modules and proof.

The Ticket Xchange platform provides access to debit card systems and redemption, inventory, POS, event scheduling and encoder modules. Leveraging these tools, entire entertainment centers can be managed and debit cards can be created that offer special values for promotions, birthdays, group specials, refunds, etc...

Call us and we will arrange for an in person demo or a webinar where the whole system can be seen in action and you can learn about other entertainment centers where this system has been in use for years.

Operation Controls

We have been doing this for 30 years. Experience can make or break an entertainment center. To ensure your success, leverage ACS Corp. On a weekly basis, we can review your location's information via our AIM (Amusement Industry Management) Reporting that details ALL activity in each of your centers. This data is then analyzed and summarized into a proprietary report which compares all locations based upon efficiency and profitability.

All of this data culminates in a discussion about operations and steps to improve them going forward. We tell you how your centers are performing and provide a plan to continue driving efficiencies and expanding profits based upon our experience in the business.

Your investment in consumer entertainment is likely the largest one you will ever make. We realize that often the game operation and management is but a small piece of the total puzzle but it has the potential to be a very high returning investment. Making money is no game and running your game room shouldn't be, either. As your operational partner, we will be there every step of the way to ensure our mutual success.