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LaserTAG360 Convention


LaserTAG360 Convention

Several weeks ago I attended the LaserTAG360 Convention in Indianapolis held by Creative Works. The two-day event was both informative and interesting on many levels. Every single aspect of an entertainment center were presented, from gathering a business plan all the way to everyday operations. The more detailed sections of the event were obviously all facets of a laser tag in an entertainment center. I had heard many good things about Creative Works and this event, and wow did they deliver.

The convention was both organized and lively. I won’t get into the details, because I recommend you attend yourself. The passes to go were not expensive, and held great value You will learn more than anything you will learn online about laser tag. One of the best parts was going to Creative Works’ model arena, which showed off different software from suppliers within the industry, equipment, and standalone laser related games. The coolest part for me was to see Creative Works’ arena equipment that they create, from design to manufacture. The time and money they put into the model arena had to be incredible, and like I said earlier it is something you have to see for yourself.

Why were facility operators like us at ACS attending this event you ask? An opportunity arose in a nearby town to open a laser tag, which would have been owned and run by our company. So we went to Indy to get more informed because knowledge is power and power is pizza and pizza is money. As we learned more about the aspects of how to run a successful laser tag and what qualified as a fitting space, we realized the building we were looking at did not quite fit the bill. The location was fantastic, but the square footage deemed a bit too small. And there is a great deal of competition present in the area.

Figuring these things out is the exact reason why we are glad we attended, because if we just went ahead and signed the lease and opened the location, we now believe it may have not been the best idea. And this is why it’s so important to take opportunities like the LaserTAG360 Convention so you can LEARN and garner KNOWLEDGE. After you have created a business plan you have to make sure you are confident and knowledgeable with every detail of what’s inside of it.

If you ever want more information on laser tag I strongly suggest attending this event. Creative Works will not disappoint with the options they offer for the themes, designs, and props they can build for your arena.

– Justin

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